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Posted by on Sep 26, 2013 in Mobile | 0 comments

26% of Children Under 3-years of Age Know How to Use a Tablet [INFOGRAPHIC]

26% of Children Under 3-years of Age Know How to Use a Tablet [INFOGRAPHIC]

New stats from Tesco have given us some interesting insights to take a look at. The infographic as well as the stats outlined in this article refer to users in the UK, but is still interesting nonetheless.  Where to begin, let’s just jump into it..

  • 56% of children overall use a tablet for educational purposes (so they say)
  • 57% of parents who own a tablet give it to their offspring during times of lengthy travels.
  • 81% use their tablets for gaming (big surprise there – not)
  • 44% watch Childrens’ Shows

Most surprisingly, 26% of children under 3-years of age know how to use a tablet. Given that most don’t even learn how to write at that age, that’s quite impressive.

Among adults tablet users..

  • 86% do so for browsing the Internet, while sending/reading emails comes in a close second followed by games.  When isolating the ‘mothers demographic’ it was discovered that Facebook is by far the most popular social network among UK moms. For older folks,
  • 86% prefer to use their tablet over their computer  due to it being lighter and easier to pick up.
  • 65% favor the device because they find it faster.

For a deeper look in visual format, take a look at the infographic below!

Tesco Infographic on Tablet Users

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