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Posted by on May 24, 2013 in Marketing, Random, Funny, or Cool | 0 comments

30 Most Overused Buzzwords in Digital Marketing [INFOGRAPHIC]

30 Most Overused Buzzwords in Digital Marketing [INFOGRAPHIC]

Saw this one over at Mashable, had to snag it.  After-all, what’s the point of using all these buzz words in the first place?  Why can’t we just have a conversation like NORMAL people?  I was talking with my friend Desmond a few days ago about aligning some strategic partnerships with our lead generation company and those in the direct sales industries and as I was describing it to him he straight up told me, “I don’t care about all that Mumbo Jumbo“.

I found this especially intriguing (and couldn’t help but crack a smile as we were talking over the phone) because this is coming from a guy who went from knowing NOTHING about marketing 2 years ago, to now producing over $90,000 a month in affiliate revenue (on-top-of his other business ventures).


That’s pretty baller if you ask me.  What’s MORE impressive, (and refreshing if you ask me – again) is that whenever Desmond and I talk HE KEEPS IT REAL (maybe companies can learn a thing or two from him).  He doesn’t talk all this non-sense using every buzzword he can remember to try and ‘impress’ me.  He knows what he’s doing, he has the results to show it, and he explains things in a way that is easy to understand for someone who’s not even a marketer.


So then – if you’re a marketer, WHICH OF THESE Buzzwords are you guilty of using the most?

 Let us know in the comments below!


Seriously which ones? 😉


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