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Posted by on Oct 17, 2013 in Android News, Apple, Mobile | 0 comments

Android Generating 1/3rd of Google’s Paid Clicks while Apple cuts production on iPhone 5C to Nearly Half

Android Generating 1/3rd of Google’s Paid Clicks while Apple cuts production on iPhone 5C to Nearly Half

As you may have guessed, like most other things "mobile" ad revenue continues to grow at an accelerated rate. It was discovered by The Search Agency yesterday that a whole 33% of Google's Ads are now from Smartphones and Tablets. Impressions alone are up 371.% clicks are up 16.2%, while spend is up 23.1%.

Googlest largest growth (27.9% YOY) is a result of their product listing ads (PLAs) which offer rich product details and connect Google Shopping.

Seeing as Google just released their enhanced campaigns in March and is already seeing 31% of clicks from mobile devices, I'd say that's something to be excited about.

When it comes to Bing, well things are pretty. Despite over-all ad impressions being up 35.2% which suggests Microsoft is doing something right in growing Bings search volume, when it comes to only bringing in 18% of clicks from Mobile. Needless to say, Bing just isn't even close to as traficked as Google is, so I think of this as an Apple's to Organges comparison.

Search Agency VP Keith Wilson had this to say,

“In Q3, we continue to observe consumers migrating toward smartphone and tablet devices,”

“With Enhanced Campaigns rolled out and Google’s cross-device estimated conversions announcement, marketers must adapt to these new tool sets to understand how to connect with today and tomorrow’s consumer.”

If you feel so inclined, a full report can be seen here.


In other news, as many have already reported Apple has decided to slash production of the iPhone 5C in half. It turns out that that the 'not so cheaper' iDevice isn't selling as much as Apple had expected, while the iPhone 5S on the other hand.. is selling like hot cakes.

Taking a look at the launch, on opening weekend both the iPhone 5C and 5S hit a record 9Million sales (combined). As far as what percentage makes up each device, Apple did not say, however it can be widely assumed given previous data that has come out over this month that the majority is from the iPhone 5S. The iPhone 5S at one point was selling 3x as many units as the iPhone 5C.

Unfortunately despite the reduced price on the device it still is no where near a match in price for what it needs to be in emerging markets. Time will tell what Apple does with this one.



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