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Posted by on Aug 1, 2013 in Android News, Apps, iOS Updates, Mobile | 0 comments

App Ann Index – State of the App Market Q2 2013

App Ann Index – State of the App Market Q2 2013

It is true that Google Play has surpassed Apple in over-all number of Apps in their respective app store. It is also true that Google Play has surpassed the Apple App Store for app downloads. By 10% in fact. But, despite those two truths - Apple still pulls in more $$$ (for now). 

Let's take a look at some of these findings released by App Annie just yesterday and discuss.  To keep things short and sweet, these are the key take-aways that you're welcome to see in visual format below.

  • Google Play App Downloads exceed iOS by 10%.
  • App Revenue for iOS generated 2.3x the app revenue of Google Play.
  • The United States and China remained the top two countries for iOS dowloads, respectively. While Japan climbed to the # 3 spot over the UK who's currently at #4 now, and Russia sits at #5 but made an impressive jump from #8 last quarter.
  • The top countries by revenues for iOS remained the same: the United States, Japan and the UK, respectively. Australia climbed 1 spot to #4 while China dropped to #5.


When it comes to Google Play..

  • Top countries for downloads were again: the United States, South Korea, India, Russia and Brazil (who claimed the #5 spot jumping 2 spots from last quarter). The retained their ranks.
  • Top countries by revenue were: Japan, South Korea, the United States, Germany, and the UK. Germany rose to the #4 spot over the UK, while UK dropped down to #5. The rest retained their ranks.

While App Annie certainly does a great job at breaking things down on an even more granular level, these are the things you SHOULD KNOW about. I did however include the remaining charts from their report which you can view below.



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