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Posted by on Oct 31, 2013 in Apps, Mobile | 0 comments

App Annie Index – Both Games and Non-Game Apps for Q3 2013

App Annie Index – Both Games and Non-Game Apps for Q3 2013

Before we jump into the stats on Apps, and Game apps, let's first look at how each respective App Store (iOS and GooglePlay) are performing througout the world.  If you take a look at the images below, you'll see that despite Google Play having more downloads, iOS still holds strong in terms of revenue.

Above you'll see that China has also joined the US, and Japan as top countries rankings for iOS. If you weren't aware, China became the worlds largest smartphone userbase earlier this year, and has a mobile gaming community that equates to more than the entire US population.

It wouldn't surprise me if they take the #1 spot by the end of next year.

Taiwan has also moved up the ranks to come in at #5 for the country with the most mobile app revenue being generated in Q2 of 2013.
Although Japan, South Korea, The US, and Germany held their spots, respectively.

When it comes to games in these countries, both platforms still have Gaming as the top category for Q3 in 2013.

If you feel so inclined, you can find out more here.


Let's go ahead and jump into..

Game Apps for September 2013

This quarter the App Stores saw two noble and perhaps cute apps climb the ranks to become cash cows (or dogs, ..or kittens). I'm talking about none other than Game of War, and Pet Rescue Saga. Aside from that, a lot of the usual suspects (as far as Publishers are concerned) retained their spots. More information can be derived from the visuals in the slideshow below.

For the most part, the top 5 Publishers by mothly game downloads for September were: EA, Gameloft, Disney, Tencent, and King.

On Google Play we have: Gameloft, King, Tiny Pierce, Rovio, and EA.

When we look at revenue however, things area differnt story. The top 5 publishers by Monthly game revenue for iOS are: Supercell, King, GungHo Online, EA, and GREE.

On Google Play: GunGHo Online takes the #1 spot followed by, CJ E&M, LINE, COLOPL, and King.

The Top Game Apps By Monthly Downloads for iOS were: Plants vs Zombies 2, Candy Crush Saga, Despicable Me: Minion Rush, Where's my Water 2, and Deer Hunter 2014.

On Google Play: Candy Crush Saga crushed it again at the #1 spot followed by Despicable Me, Subway Surfers, Pou, and Pet Rescue Saga which jumped 8spots. More interestingly, is #7 Bunny Skater, which jumped 144 spots.

When we look at Top Game Apps By Monthly Revenue for iOS: Clash of Clans still leads the way as #1.

A quick side-note for Clash of Clans, they had 51% of their company acquired earlier this month in a round led by Softbank for $1.2 Billion.  Seeing as GungHo Online was also in on the deal, and previously had daily revenues of $9M, and they took 20%, this means that GungHo Online will be able to experience what it's like to have $10M a day coming in in revenue.  Cool right? 🙂

Any way, at #4 Candy Crush, followed by: Puzzle & Dragons, Hay Day, andGames of War - Fire Age, which appears to be going up the ranks quite quickly, along with Pet Rescue Saga.

On Google Play: Puzzle & Dragons lead the way, followed by: Monster Taming for Kakao, LINE Pokopang, Everybody's Marble for Kakao, and Candy Crush Saga. With the exception of CandyCrush saga, the android game market is clearly dominated by Japanese and South Korean companies. Good for them.


Additional commentary for the above stats in more detail can be found here


Non-Game Apps

While I feel the Games Category has more disruptions going on than the non-game apps, you can see below exactly what's been happening in the month of September, 2013.



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