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Posted by on Nov 21, 2013 in Apps, Mobile | 2 comments

App Annie October Index for Games and Non Game Apps

App Annie October Index for Games and Non Game Apps

As always, whenever App Annie comes out with their App Index's for Games and Non-Game Apps we do our best to consolidate the information into a more bite size piece of content that you can look over without having your head spin from all the data. With that being said, today we're going to first move forward with Game Apps.

Game Apps

Tencent (one of China's main mobile game developers) took the #1 spot for their WeRun on iOS for the month of October. Of course, the success of WeChat as a gaming platform has only helped build on that momentum and has moved up to the #2 spot for publishers in iOS game downloads. This shows a tremendous growth rate of the Chinese market.

Clash of Clans came in with a BIG splash, and within their first month of being on on Google Play entering the top 10 Grossing apps category. Players are now able to play freely across operating systems and devices with full synchronization between iOS and Android versions of the game.

Candy Crush Saga also appears to still be crushing it, most recently with its launch in South Korea by tapping into Kakao's 110 million users.

Let's take a look at some charts below.

As seen in the multiple images above:

The US remains the country with the most represented publishers for Top Publishers for iOS, but Tencent has made a climb up to the #2 ranking.

On Google Play things are a bit different. The US is only represented by EA in the top 5, whereas the rest of the publishers are below that mark.

As for Top Publishers for iOS Game Revenue, surprisingly the top 5 didn't move up or down in rank.
The same is also true for Google Play, except only with the top 3.

Overall, there didn't seem to be bunch movement on the rest of the charts for the top 5 spots, moreover, the 6-10 rankings is where the really competition was happening.

Looking at Non Game Apps

There is not too much to get excited about when it comes to non-game apps unfortunately, so all in all, while LINE and KakaoTalk are trying to monetize their users via IAP's (In App Purchases) WeChat has decided to take a different approach and instead stick with their subscription model that has users only pay $1/yr after their first year.

Let's take a look at what's happening in the world of non-game apps.

To see the full articles on Game Apps and non-Game Apps you can do so here and here, respectively.




  1. Hoe about the latest index of games and non-games in 2014Q4?

    • Hi Tony, unfortunately until the data is released collecting it all would be an extremely laborious task and at the moment I don’t work as a mobile data analyst :).

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