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Posted by on Feb 28, 2013 in Apple, Apps, Mobile | 0 comments

Apple Proposing In-App Purchase Refund System for Parents

Apple Proposing In-App Purchase Refund System for Parents

The lawsuit – which could cost Apple up to $100 million to settle – is based around the claim that the company:

“failed to adequately disclose that third-party game apps, largely available for free and rated as containing content suitable for children, contained the ability to make in-app purchases.”

The proposal which could be approved in the US starting as early as tomorrow (March 1st,2013) will allow parents to claim at least $5 (either in the form of store credit or cash if they no longer have an iTunes account) IF they can prove the purchases were made without their decisions.

..I wonder how that conversation would play out with the children.


Ironically, while Apple is willing to refund at least $5 in the forms mentioned above, Apple will only entertain cases where the total amount of cash spent in play is at least $30.  Which in the case of some parents (5) in Caliornia who filed a lawsuit against the company in 2011 when their children spent huge sums of money (up to $1,400) in in-app purchase.  Wow.  It was previously the case where after entering your password to green light an initial purchase, consumers were given a 15 minute window in which they could make additional purchases without any further authentication.


This has likely since been changing after the filings started coming in.  At least Parents can rest assured knowing that if their kids decide to purchase 1,000,000 gold coins they’ll still receive $5 on every $30 spent, or $1 for every $6 spent.

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