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Posted by on Dec 27, 2012 in Apps, Marketing, Mobile | 0 comments

Apples 5 Tips for Killer App Designs

Apples 5 Tips for Killer App Designs

A lot of people seem to struggle with this one. Not sure how proper orientation works, or yet alone a thing about composition. This is not the place where you want to be when building your designs for your app.


The 5 tips below will help you solve this problem.


1. The App Should Feel Real.

The last thing you want to have is a large disconnect between your app and the user. Game Company’s epitomize the nature of creating immersive environments. Take note: If your app is not immersive to your users, you won’t have those users for very long.


2. Don’t Test the User

WHY on earth, would you want to make it confusing for your users to navigate from one end of your app to another? Seriously? You do know people’s patience these days is like 0. If you have to read the same thing again, you’d probably agree that you might even have 0 patience.

So keep it simple.
3. Details Matter

Is it even necessary to have an explanation for this one? I think it’s pretty straight forward. The minutia of your app is what will set it apart from the 100’s of others just like it.

4. Keep it Simple

Again as always. Keep it simple. The art of creating a great app (to me) is one that can have all the complexities of the required code hidden behind the curtains that the user will never see. Almost like a magic show, ‘it just works’ not sure how, but it does.


5. Don’t Sacrifice Quality just for Time

Sure time to market is important. But you have to remember, a great app will stand far above a ‘good app’ and if the difference in time will not affect the market (or render the app useless as result of not releasing on time – this actually happened to me >_<) then certainly take your time, make the best of the best. It’ll be worth it.

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