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Posted by on Jun 28, 2013 in Apps, Marketing, Mobile | 2 comments

Build Brand Engagement with Mobile Apps [INFOGRAPHIC]

Build Brand Engagement with Mobile Apps [INFOGRAPHIC]

Thanks to to the folks at Mary Meeker’s earlier this week, it was reported taht smartphone users now check their phones on average of 150 times per day.  With $1 billion spent on mobile marketing in 2012, that figure is expected to double this year (in 2013), and shows no sign of slowing down thereafter.


As for marketers trying to determine what percentage of their advertising and media budget should be devoted to mobile app advertising, Fiksu had created a helpful infographic that showcases how traditional metrics like “CPM” and “CPC” stack up against the more known, more utilized “PPC” and other advertising mediums.  Having analyzed more than 2.4 billion app marketing data points from different global campaigns, Fiksu says that

” it’s very clear that mobile is significantly cheaper than traditional channels like online, outdoor, or broadcast. And mobile display advertising clearly trumps desktop pay-per-click advertising for cost-efficiency.”


A full study titled: “Brand building on mobile devices: measuring the value of consumer engagement” can be found here.


The bigger story may indeed be Fiksu’s announcement of their CPEm (cost per mobile engagement).  With there being no present or effective means of measuring mobile engagement, Fiksu aims to solve this by providing metrics on mobile app engagement.  The goal being to: “help marketers strategically evaluate and measure the ROI of mobile app advertising.”

“Defined as the cost of an app launch, an in-app purchase, or a registration, CPEm captures the extended relationship that mobile apps create as consumers launch and relaunch apps, spend time in sessions, make in-app purchases, and register with the brand.”

According to Fiksu’s research, “the average CPEm for mobile app advertising is 1/10th the cost of a desktop click.”


Without nothing else to touch on, enjoy this Infographic that Fiksu has put together.  

Building Brand With Mobile App Engagement


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