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Posted by on Sep 26, 2013 in Apple, Apps, Mobile | 0 comments

China and Australia Lead the Pack in iPhone 5S Demand and Mobile App Downloads to Hit 102 Billion This Year

China and Australia Lead the Pack in iPhone 5S Demand and Mobile App Downloads to Hit 102 Billion This Year

Meanwhile, here Apple was thinking that the iPhone 5C would perform well in emerging markets such as China, and India. Well Apple, the numbers don't lie, and these numbers are saying that China, Australia, and Germany are the top 3 countries, respectively, in favor of the iPhone 5S (not 5C).

What's even more interesting is that the UK, US, and France, respectively, are in actuality have shown the greatest adoption towards the new device. Localytics who reported on the topic earlier this week, as well as provided the stats said it might have to do with:

"there was a lot of hoopla around the addition of the gold-colored iPhone 5s as a very attractive addition in particular for Asian markets so this hypothesis may hold true. Keep in mind the gold-colored version is only available on the 5s, not the 5c."

When it comes to distribution the iPhone 5S enjoyed a lions share of 76% in the US and 82% through-out the rest of the world, with the iPhone 5C only having 24 and 18%, respectively.

Indeed, what proves to be the most surprising is that the iPhone 5C's greatest country of adoption is the US.

In other news, I read somewhere that Apple has already done over 9-million in sales of their new iPhone 5S. But more importantly, Gartner reported earlier today that Mobile Apps Downloads are to hit 102 Billion this year.


That's a lot of downloads.

Needless to say, this type of "growth" is not sustainable, and Gartner predicts that by 2017 the 'new-app-novelty' will wear off. Despite this prediction, last years downloads were 64 Billion so 102 is clearly almost 2x as much in just a years time.

Of these apps that are being downloaded this year..

91% will be free apps.

IAP's (In-app-purchases) will generate 48% of app store revenue by 2017, which is incredible growth compared to 2012's 11%.

Monthly downloads for iOS are predicted to fall from 4.9% this year to 3.9% in 2017. Android will also see a decrease from 6.2% to 5.8% in 2017.

Gartner research director Brian Blau had this to say on the topic:

“IAP is a promising and sustainable monetisation method because it encourages performance-based purchasing; that is, users only pay when they are happy with the experience, and developers have to work hard to earn the revenue through good design and performance.”



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