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Posted by on Apr 25, 2013 in Apps, Mobile | 0 comments

Discovering the Amazon Appstore [INFOGRAPHIC] + App Annie for Amazon Appstore Comes out of Beta

Discovering the Amazon Appstore [INFOGRAPHIC] + App Annie for Amazon Appstore Comes out of Beta

Thanks to the folks over at App Annie, they have combined the data from their App Ann Store Stats to put together an insightful infographic of the Amazon Appstore.


Some key findings:

  • Since launching back in March 2011, Amazon now has over 75,000 apps. 
  •  Amazon has over 19,000 publishers signed on – and is committed to growing their international presence. Needless to say, they're positioning themselves for some big growth in 2013.
  • Amazon announced it would be expanding to nearly 200 countries over the coming months.  

As it stands, they're only in 7, so this will be no easy task. Meeting these goals however will give them the lead over Google Play and iOS, which only support 132 and 155 countries, as of now.


Amazon Appeals to Android Developers
In a survey App Annie sent to their users, they asked: why Amazon publishers chose to release apps on the Amazon Appstore.


Here’s what they said..

  • I already develop Android apps, so it’s easy to port to Amazon (52%)
  • I believe Amazon Appstore marketshare will grow (24%)
  • I believe the Kindle Fire will be a leading device (7%)


Based on ranking data from App Annie Store Stats, they've compiled a list of the most popular free and paid apps currently on Amazon, dating from Jan 1st, 2013-April 10, 2013.


Most popular free apps on Amazon

Most popular paid apps on Amazon

 Paid apps have a lower price point on Amazon

Of the 3 app stores in comparison, Amazon has a lower over-all pricepoint.  

  • Amazon: $1.73
  • iPhone: $2.21
  • iPad: $3.39
  • Google Play: $3.55


More in the Infographic Below.


Needless to say, this is exciting news seeing as App Annie JUST LAUNCHED out of Beta into the Amazon Appstore itself.


See the full press release below.

SAN FRANCISCO and BEIJING, April 25, 2013 – App Annie, the industry leader in app store analytics and market intelligence for the global app economy, today announced the general availability of its free Amazon Appstore product suite to serve the rapidly growing Amazon developer community. With Amazon having just announced the expansion of its Amazon Appstore into 200 countries worldwide, App Annie’s launch from beta signals the availability of the most popular app store analytics suite for one of the world’s fastest growing digital stores.

In conjunction with the launch, App Annie released data from a survey of over 1,500 developers and an associated infographic to shed light on the Amazon Appstore’s adoption rate among app developers.

You can view the infographic here:

The survey findings demonstrate developer commitment to the Amazon Appstore, the importance of its underlying Android operating system and the strength of the games category in terms of both the number of apps published and the percent of revenue generated:

  • Of the 22.5 percent of survey respondents publishing to the Amazon Appstore, 51 percent cited the ease of porting Android apps to the Amazon platform when asked why they publish to Amazon.
  • 56 percent of survey respondents publishing to the Amazon Appstore focus on games; 50 percent cite games as their leading Appstore revenue driver.

“The Amazon Appstore has experienced substantial growth since it first launched over two years ago, and we are excited to extend the same set of tools that our users currently rely on for iOS and Google Play to developers who want to capitalize on this promising new market,” said Bertrand Schmitt, CEO of App Annie. “While Amazon Appstore is the new kid on the block, we hear great things from developers about their ability to monetize from the store. Amazon’s announcement to expand to nearly 200 countries is significant for developers and signals Amazon’s ascent to one of the important global app stores.”

With the launch of App Annie’s free Store Stats and Analytics products for Amazon, publishers worldwide can take advantage of the most comprehensive analytics and market data available – gaining unmatched insights into this fast-growth marketplace.

App Annie for Amazon currently features the following two products:

  • Analytics for Amazon: App Annie’s free, cross-platform analytics service allows publishers to conveniently track all of their app’s commercial data. With App Annie’s unified dashboard, publishers can track downloads, revenues, rankings and international breakdowns in one place. And because the service is cross-platform, publishers can directly track their Amazon, iOS, Mac and Google Play apps side-by-side.
  • Store Stats for Amazon: App Annie’s free ranking stats database delivers the entire Amazon Appstore rankings to users’ fingertips for monitoring, analysis and trend-spotting. Store Stats connects users with an array of data on Amazon apps, including daily ranks, historical ranking, category breakdown, country breakdown and chart movers. Combined, this data allows publishers to track their competitors and better understand the global market dynamics and industry trends.

The launch of App Annie for Amazon is the first in a series of product announcements expected from App Annie.  “We’ve made significant investments in our products this year, now supporting iOS, Mac, Google Play, Windows 8 and Amazon Appstore. Additionally, we will continue to launch more features and ensure App Annie customers always have the most advanced and easy-to-use app store analytics products on the market,” said Schmitt. “App Annie’s laser focus on the most commercially viable app stores for app publishers has allowed us to deliver the highest quality market data and analytics products in the industry.”

App Annie Analytics and Store Stats for Amazon Appstore are available for free at:

About App Annie
App Annie is the industry leader in app store analytics and market intelligence for the global app economy. More than 85 percent of the Top 100 iOS publishers by worldwide revenues use its services, and more than 220,000 apps rely daily on App Annie Analytics to track their downloads, revenues, rankings and reviews. The company is tracking more downloads and revenues than any other app store market data company – to date, over 18 billion downloads and more than U.S. $2.8 billion in app store publisher revenues. App Annie is a privately held global company with offices in Beijing, San Francisco, London, Tokyo and Hong Kong. For more information, and to stay up to date on App Annie news, visit, check out our blog and follow @AppAnnie on Twitter.



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