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Posted by on Jun 3, 2016 in Startups | 0 comments

Eon Scooter – “The Tesla of Scooters”

Eon Scooter – “The Tesla of Scooters”

Eon Scooter

The most affordable, powerful and innovative electric scooter to-date.

If you've been waiting for a an electric scooter that isn't insanely expensive, and doesn't compromise on performance then the Eon Scooter may be just what you're looking for. The Eon Scooter has two models to choose from, both equally awesome but one definitely more powerful than the other. Let's take a look at them:

Eon Scooter, BASIC:

  • Starting at $349
  • Optional folding/removable seat: $49

Eon Scooter, BASIC Specs:

  1. 36v direct drive gearless high speed hub motor (less hill climbing power than
    the Ultimate v2.0)
  2. 9ah capacity lithium ion battery (12ah and 15ah upgrades
  3. Up to 20mph
  4. 15-20 mile range
  5. 3 speed switch (10mph low, 15mph med, 20mph high speeds)
  6. 2a standard charger (3-4 hours)
  7. Standard pneumatic tube and tire and lightweight black plastic hub front wheel

Eon Scooter, ULTIMATE:

  • Starting at $449
  • Optional folding/removable seat: $49

Comes with the following upgrades to the BASIC model in the same frame:

Eon Scooter, ULTIMATE Specs::

  1. 48v – 1,500 watt (Over 2hp!) direct drive gearless high speed hub motor
  2. Massive 30%+ grade hill climbing power
  3. 12ah larger capacity lithium ion battery (15ah available as an upgrade)
  4. 25mph faster top speed
  5. 25 mile longer range lithium ion battery pack (30 mile range with 15ah upgrade)
  6. Ultralight red anodized aluminum front wheel and tubeless front and rear tire options (or solid honeycomb airless or tube and tire standard for front tire – your choice!)
  7. Loud 48v electric motorcycle horn
  8. Ultra-powerful 2000 lumen LED headlight
  9. Bright rear LED tail safety light
  10. USB Smart Phone charging port
  11. 4a rapid charger (up to 2hrs)
  12. 3 speed switch (low, med, high – no matter which speed you choose the maximum hill conquering amps will remain on full power)
  13. Cruise control feature (automatically kicks in after 8 seconds of sustained speed riding – just tap the thumb throttle or the hand brake to disengage anytime – convenient for long straight bike path commutes or anywhere you are traveling at a constant speed for a sustained amount of time)
  14. Multi-function waterproof programmable backlit LCD display which shows the following stats at a glance:
  • Watts
  • Volts
  • Amps
  • Amp hours used
  • Distance/odometer
  • Battery cycles
  • Battery %
  • Speedometer (mph or kph – programmable)
  • Adjustable max speed settings

One thing is for sure, if you're going to be getting the Eon Scooter ultimate it would be advisable to wear a helmet. I had an opportunity to ride the Eon Scooter (ultimate) prior to writing this and suffice to say, I passed a Prius! I know, I know, I digress - an important thing to remember about the folks from Eon Scooter is that they both live / work in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Similar to how Apple designs their products in California and has them assembled over seas, Eon Scooter is looking to implement a similar business model that (if successfully funded) will minimize cost to consumers by going direct while simultaneously not having to compromise on the product itself.

To quote their website:

About Eon Scooter:

...Based in San Francisco, our goal is to provide a unique, fun, powerful, safe, convenient, affordable, eco-friendly alternative electric transportation to the public. We put our efforts into innovating and developing a state of the art product, sourcing the best parts from around the world, and with your help we can utilize economies of scale through our fundraising efforts to bring the Eon Scooter directly from our factory in China to the end users at an affordable price.  

Upset with the overpriced, poor quality, heavy, slow and expensive vehicles currently on the market, we thought there must be a better way. We wanted to create a beautifully designed, practical and fun personal electric vehicle and to make them affordable for everyone to enjoy. This is why we created the Eon Scooter.

We spent the better part of a year in research and development to design and produce a  high quality scooter we could sell directly to our customers.

At Eon Scooter we pride ourselves on making high quality, powerful, safe and durable electric scooters that have been exhaustively tested in tough environments. When we say ‘tested’ we mean having an absolute blast conquering hills and ripping along streets to expose any weakness in advance so that when your Eon Scooter arrives, it’ll be faultless... 

To learn more about Eon Scooter or support them in their INDIEGOGO launch on June 15th, feel free and head on over to their website at the link below.



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