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Posted by on Apr 5, 2014 in Startups | 1 comment

– Founders Space – New Accelerator and Incubator in San Francisco

– Founders Space – New Accelerator and Incubator in San Francisco

Founders Space.  Most notoriously known for uniting founders, angels, VCs and advisor to help startups rock the world is out to make another big splash here in our very own San Francisco.

"Billionaire Labs" will be located in the heart of our beautiful city, specifically: 450 Townsend St, San Francisco CA 94107.

Steven Hoffman, aka "Captain Hoff" founded Founders Space in 2008 with Naomi Kokubo and has since addressed hundreds of entrepeneurs, and startup founders alike. Having met Steven at last years SVCC (Silicon Valley Code Camp) in one of his classes, I can honestly say that if the new space delivers even a fraction of the value as Steven does in his talks then EVERY entrepreneur and startup should inquire.

Below you can read the full details.. sure to Check Them Out!

Founders Space is launching a new Accelerator + Incubator designed for startups coming to San Francisco from all over the world. We help with everything: fund raising, office space, strategic partnerships, legal, financial, insurance, staffing and more.

  • We take only 3.5% (most accelerators/incubators take 6% – 20%)

  • We let you participate for 4 months or more (most accelerators are 10 weeks)

  • We’re located in the heart of San Francisco’s startup district!

We're looking for truly game-changing companies that disrupt existing businesses and open up new markets.  Our sweet spot is startups where we can see a direct path to revenue, talk to the customers, and extrapolate growth.

We have relationships with over 100 of Silicon Valley’s top VCs and angels.  We don’t fund startups ourselves but instead match our top performing startups with investors.  The result is higher valuations and smarter money.

How did we come up with this unique program?  We asked entrepreneurs what they wanted from an accelerator/incubator, and here’s what they told us…

  • Show us how to raise venture capital and angel funding

  • Pair us up with experienced Silicon Valley advisors and mentors

  • Don’t end the program after only 10 weeks.  That’s too short!

  • Provide a complete ecosystem for us to grow and scale

  • Match us with the best attorneys, CTOs, talent and funding

  • Support us all the way from startup through to acquisition


We designed the Founders Space program with this in mind.

Flexible Timing

Founders Space is a hybrid of an accelerator and co-working space.  This means startups can begin anytime.  They don’t have to apply and then wait months to begin.  They can move into our space the day after they’re accepted.


Multiple Stages

Because we’re so flexible, we accommodate all stages of startups, from a lone scientist with a brilliant idea to mature startup teams with products on the market.


Open Program

Our belief is that less structure and more openness make for higher productivity.  The most common complaint of accelerators and incubators is that they are too structured.  They try to fit everyone into a cookie cutter mold and run them through a gauntlet of activities and meetings.

We don’t do this.  Instead, we offer on-going courses and workgroups, but they’re open and optional.  If participants already know the subject matter, no need to attend.  Startups aren’t tied to our calendar.  They can pick and choose what they need and run with it.



Founders Space works well with both American and international startups.  Because our program is flexible and runs continuously throughout the year, it’s easy for foreign startups to travel back and forth over an extended period of time.

It’s not a problem to spend a month in San Francisco, then return home for several weeks, and then come back.  We’re working hard to implement a more elastic structure so we can accommodate the best talent from all over the globe.



Founders Space is built on a collaborative model that is continually evolving.  We look to our participants and their ideas to make the program great.  It’s their space, and we encourage them to help shape it.  


Our Culture

Doing a startup should be fun, creative and exhilarating.  We’re not about tearing entrepreneurs down.  We’re about building them up so they have the tools and confidence to conquer the world.  Once a startup joins Founders Space, they’ll have an incredibly talented group of peers that they can tap into when they run into problems and roadblocks.  We believe that as a group, we have the power to overcome any obstacle.



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