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Posted by on Oct 19, 2013 in Apple, Mobile | 0 comments

Has Apple Crumbled? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Has Apple Crumbled? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Indeed as Google breaks into the $1,000 per-share rankings for the first time ever, Apple remains at around $500; not even close to where it was around this time last year prior to the iPhone 5 release (having broken the $700’s for the first time ever).  Apple recently had two head execs also leave from the eCommerece and Product department.  (Don’t worry, no names that you’re probably familiar with).  I found it interesting however that while one of these execs went to eBay, the other went to Jawbone.  Jawbone.

It reminds me of when Steve Jobs went to Jonathan Skulley in the 90’s to get him to leave Pepsi, Co to come to Apple with the closing phrase:

“Do you want to make soda water for the rest of your life, or do you want to change the world?”.

 Some might argue that Apple still is in-fact changing the world, however despite their admirable level of refinement, there frankly hasn’t been much to get excited about.  I mean, let’s be honest.. the iPhone 5 was probably the biggest release in history due to the fact that consumers had no clue what Apple was going to do to compete with Samsung’s ever growing size of smartphones and phablets.

Despite the fact that rumors and leaks let most of the cat out of the bag prior to the release, what’s really missing these days is a NEW – INNOVATIVE approach to marketing, and product launches.  We’ve all seen how Apple launches product, and in fact they’re notorious for having EPIC product launches where customers will literally BE EXCITED to go camp outside of an Apple store on the sidewalk JUST TO get a new iPhone (ridiculous if you ask me) BUT, that’s EXACTLY the type of following (loyal needless to say) that Apple has created over the years.

And while it may not be as drastic for others, others certainly take notice when ‘Apple is working on something’.  When I look at the Jawbone, Google Glass, Google alone how their stock has now broke the $1,000 per share mark in under 2-days.  I anticipate that Apple will continue to work away at what they do best, which is: analyzing the current state of the market, and refining upon what’s already been created that they consider to be “sub par”.

In any case, take a look at the infographic below and enjoy.

Thanks to the folks at Who is Hosting This?

Apple Infographic

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