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Posted by on Sep 20, 2013 in Apple, iOS Updates, Mobile | 0 comments

iOS 7 Off to a Good Start – 38.4% Adoption in 48-Hours

iOS 7 Off to a Good Start – 38.4% Adoption in 48-Hours

If there were two words I was going to use to describe iOS 7 they would be be: Love it.  As far as how people have come across the “bugs” I must imagine they have more time than they know what to do with to be able to actually discover these flaws.  The average person I’m sure doesn’t have time to do go through complex steps to figure out how to access 3/4 of your device with-out the passcode.

While some have claimed that the adoption for iOS 7 has grown at twice the rate as iOS 6 it is evident upon closer inspection that despite the rapid growth, it is not actually “double”.  Tapjoy product marketing manager Raghu Nayani stated  on the firm’s blog:

“It took 20 hours for iOS 6 to reach 10 percent adoption, while iOS 7 reached it in less than half the time – in a mere 8 hours,” 

“Twenty-four hours after its initial availability, iOS 7 stands at 22 percent adoption, while iOS 6 was only at 15 percent after the same time period.

“Interestingly, it appears iOS 7 growth is happening purely at the expense of iOS 6; in other words, if you didn’t bother to upgrade to iOS 6 in the first place, then you’re not likely to download iOS 7 on the first day.”


As you’ll see in the image below, Fiksu who has a live-tracker (updated every 3-minutes) of the adoption trends (from their devices) that the majority of iOS 7 updates seem to be coming from iOS 6.  This is interesting because it means that if you never upgraded to iOS 6, then you probably aren’t in a hurry to upgrade to iOS 7 either.



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