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Posted by on Nov 5, 2013 in Apple, Mobile | 0 comments

iPad Air Adoption 2x that of iPad 4

iPad Air Adoption 2x that of iPad 4

Indeed, this could be Apple’s fastest selling tablet yet. As seen in the charts below the adoption curve is almost unbelieveable compared to the launches of previous Apple Tablets. We also take a look at the adoption of the different verions of iOS, as well as the iPhone family and which model currently is the most popular (in terms of usage).


iPhone_Usage iOS7_Usage

Courtesy of Fiksu, for the stats.

As can be deduced from the images above, iPad Air sales don’t seem to be going anywhere but UP (for now).

iPhone 5 still proves to be the most popular iPhone at 38.4%, while iPhone 4s is not far behind at 30.0%, meanwhile the iPhone 4 sits at 22.4%, and the iPhone 5S and 5C are at 4.8% and 1.8%, respectively.

When it comes to Operating System, it’s evident that iOS 7 has 72.3% of the market, iOS 6 with 23.9% and iOS 5 with the remaining 3.9%.

Since we’re on the subject on tablets..

New data from IDC shows that global tablet shipments hit 47.6 million in Q3 of this year, which is up 7% and 36.7% Qaurter over Quater and YOY, respectively.  While iPad is considered to be the device that got the tablet market moving, prior to the launch of the iPad air iPad sales fell from 14.6 million in Q2 to 14.1 million in Q3. Certainly as the holiday season is among us sales are going to pick back up as they always do.

Needless to say, Android devices account for much of the decline in sales for iPads. Despite Apple representing more than 29% of the tablet market on its own, collectively Android devices are chipping away at its share.

IDC research analyst Jitesh Ubrani had this to say,
“With two 7.9-inch models starting at $299 and $399, and two 9.7-inch models starting at $399 and $499, Apple is taking steps to appeal to multiple segments.

“While some undoubtedly hoped for more aggressive pricing from Apple, the current prices clearly reflect Apple’s ongoing strategy to maintain its premium status. It’s worth noting that Apple wasn’t the only one to increase the price of its small-sized tablet during this product cycle: Both Google and Amazon increased the price of their newest 7-inch tablets from $199 to $229 to cover the higher costs associated with high resolution screens and better processors.”

Take a look at the chart below for more info.


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