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App Store Optimization on iOS 7 – What you NEED TO KNOW [INFOGRAPHIC]

Posted by on Dec 3, 2013 in Apps, iOS Updates, Marketing, Mobile | 0 comments

With over 200 million users already having the latest OS from Apple on their devices, it would be a wise thing to figure out how to get your apps ranking better in the App Store on iOS 7. According to DCI, out of more than 80,000 apps that were indexed in the App Store more than 5,500 have at least one mention on iOS 7 in their reviews. It ALSO means that there are more than 920,000 Apps that aren’t even getting indexed AT ALL. So unless you want to be part of that HUGE ASS statistic, then you better pay attention. Thanks to the folks at DCI, the...

Smartphones Outship Feature Phones this Quarter for the First Time

Posted by on Nov 26, 2013 in Mobile | 0 comments

Although, I have to say. I would have expected this to happen sooner.  But then again – compared to how long feature phones have been around vs how long smartphones have been around, it all still happened rather quickly. According to NPD DisplaySearch, by 2017 82% of the phone market will be held by Smartphones. This represents more than 1.8Billion shipments between now and then. 30% of these devices will be sold in China, and according to Tina Teng, an analyst at NPD: “Smartphone market growth is being fueled by entry-level smartphones from international brands and white-box vendors in emerging markets,” and “We expect aggressive pricing moves to continue,...

Cost of User Acquisition Exceeds Revenue Generated From Users – “uh oh.”

Posted by on Nov 26, 2013 in Apps, Mobile | 0 comments

New York based market research company, SuperData has released data that estimates the cost per install (CPI) for mobile gamers was $2.73, compared to an average revenue per user of $1.96. In the coming holidays SuperData also expects these acquisition estimates will double the average revenue per users (ARPU). Ouch. In addition to this, SuperData was quoted to say the following: “To anyone active in mobile gaming, it is no surprise that the cost of acquiring new users has been going up,” the company said. “Over the course of 2012, the cost per install on iOS increased 22 percent from the beginning to the end of the year. In...

The Growth of m-Commerce [INFOGRAPHIC]

Posted by on Nov 19, 2013 in Mobile | 0 comments

Seeing as smartphones and Tablets have doubled their share of overall website traffic in just this last year alone, Mobile Payments company Judo Pay has put together this great infographic to show us just HOW MUCH these mobile devices are taking share from the traditional web eCommerce. Some key figures include: Share of website traffic from smartphones and tablets has doubled year-on-year. PC is mainly used at work but mobile is always on. Smartphones drive a higher share of m-commerce dollars than tablets. Want loyal shoppers? You need an app for that....

Entrepreneur Schools for Startups [INFOGRAPHIC]

Posted by on Nov 15, 2013 in Random, Funny, or Cool | 0 comments

I suppose every once in a while it’s hard to find things worth writing about in the Tech inudstry, however I believe entrepreneurship is just as important.  Today we’re going to look at an interesting infographic brought to us by the folks at   The infographic outlines a variety of things including: The history of teaching Entrepreneurship in American Colleges Tips for those seeking an Entrepreneurship MBA (my advice is just get out there and learn). Top 5 undergrad Entrepreneurial Schools Top 5 Graduate Entrepreneruial Schools Top 5 Online Entrpreneurial Schools and much, much more.. Take a look, let us know your thoughts in the COMMENTS...

App Marketing Calendar for Developers [INFOGRAPHIC]

Posted by on Nov 14, 2013 in Apps, Marketing, Mobile | 0 comments

Certainly in today’s busy, busy world things are bound to be forgotten.  Your birthday.  Your anniversary.  Your child’s dance recital/baseball game.  It’s hard enough to try to remember those things, so it’s certainly not the easiest thing to remember to PLAN your app marketing strategies in advance so your competitors don’t get the leg-up on you.  Today, thanks to the folks at Fiksu, we have this great Calendar-like infographic to share with you the Holidays that you should be aware of, that way you can continuously and proactively work towards planning your App Marketing campaigns whenever is best for your company. The App Marketer’s Calendar includes: Major holidays, events, and...

American Smartphone Habits [INFOGRAPHIC] US Smartphone Habits

Posted by on Nov 14, 2013 in Mobile | 0 comments

The folks at LG recently conducted a survey on over 1,100 adults on what their smartphone habits and opinions about when and where they use it were.  Seeing as it’s the first and last thing we check when we go to bed, I would say this is something you’d want to take a look at.  Some of the results were quite obvious, however there are certain things that you probably would not have guessed, which is why we’re happy to present to you this great infographic....