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Posted by on Jun 30, 2013 in Mobile | 0 comments

Phablet Size Does Matter?

Phablet Size Does Matter?

Since 2011 Phablet sales have been on the rise, this is according to‘s new data on the ever controversial Phablet market. A Phablet, for those of you who don’t know: are smartphones, which have a screen measuring between five and seven inches in diameter. (By Idealo’s standards).
Idealo survey results show not only has there has been a steady increase in the sale of phablets since 2011; but the screen size of devices has also shown demand for larger screens with substantial growth over the last few years.

Overall there has been a 501% increase in clicks on phablets since May 2012, with a steady influx of phablets released since. This was displayed via the shear number of click-throughs on a phablet devices which rose from 2.74% in 2012 to just over 13% in April of 2013.

If Idealo’s finding are to really be taken into consideration, it would be safe to say that these phablet’s aren’t going anywhere but up (as far as demand is concerned).

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