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Posted by on Oct 23, 2013 in Android News, Apple, Apps, Mobile | 0 comments

The Fastest Growing Apps of 2013 and Tablet Growth to Equal PC’s by 2014

The Fastest Growing Apps of 2013 and Tablet Growth to Equal PC’s by 2014

Before we jump into this, I want to first of all say that something really important happened recently.  Actually, it’s not that important – but in-case you haven’t already heard; Instagram will be making its way to Windows sometime in the near future.

In more important news, as expected Gartner confirms PC sales continuing to decline YOY, and tablets will amount to the same amount of PC sales by just 2014 (next year).  Indeed, tablet shipment grew by 53.4% this year while the PC market went down another 4.5%.  Needless to say, Android OS dominance will not be overtaken by Apple anytime soon.

According to Gartner  desktops shipped 303 million units worldwide this year vs tablets 184 million.  Next year Gartner anticipates that only 282 million PC’s will be shipped (note: shipped does not mean sold, in fact the actual number of units sold could be substantially less). Tablets are expected to ship 263 million units.  When it comes to SALES of PC’s vs Tablet’s next year, I am leaning towards Tablets out-selling PC’s.

Gartner also cites an internal study that found smaller devices like the iPad mini and Amazon’s Kindle Fire line to be favored among consumers in Brazil, China, France, German, Italy, the UK, and the US. Gartner’s survey of 21,500 consumers showed that 47% owned a tablet that was eight inches or less.


Phew.. that was boring.

Let’s take a break and look at the TOP 10 Apps of this year.


I don’t need to tell you that Vine clearly dominated the charts this year while everyone else wasn’t even close.  Take a look above.

Ok, back to the data..


Juniper has recently reported that that the mobile advertising industry is to grow at a rate of over 300% from its current $13 billion, up to $40 billion.

Diving a little deeper, the report takes a look at how fast Facebook’s mobile ad revenue grew from where it was just a year ago. Now, 41% of Facebooks revenue is from mobile ads. Google meanwhile is said to control 1/3rd of the market for the ad revenue that’s being generated. With so many apps, this is not surprising. Seeing as Google did $50 Billion last year, Facebook is on its way to do about $10B. We’ll see.


As if this wasn’t apparent to the folks who are in the demographic themselves.

  • 45% of 18 – 35 y/o’s are turning to their device first to interact with online content.
  • For those in the  UK, 39% reveal that their mobile is the screen they look at the most, according to research from Weve.
  • 28%  of surveyors said that they would choose their mobile over a TV, compared to 27% who preferred the latter.
  • 46% of 18 – 34 y/o’s stated that mobile was their first and most important screen.

The rise in mobile platform usage is impacting all aspects of media, including making online purchases where one in ten consumers would turn to their device first, and more than a quarter when interacting with online content.

CEO of Weve David Sear said:

“The rise in importance of mobile is well-documented, but this research shows the true extent of consumers’ changing relationship with the devices in their pockets.”

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