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Posted by on Apr 8, 2014 in Apps, Marketing, Mobile | 0 comments

Top 5 Mobile User Acquisition Strategies [INFOGRAPHIC]

Top 5 Mobile User Acquisition Strategies [INFOGRAPHIC]

Thanks to the folks at Appia we have a cool infographic to share with you today.  But before we get into that, let's take a quick gander at the numbers regarding the mobile landscape. By 2018, reports say that mobile apps will have been downloaded more than 268 billion times.  This will account for more than $77 billion in revenue.

As a developer, I don't know why you wouldn't want to get in on your piece of the pie.  In fact, I assume you REALLY DO which is why we're going to look at the top 5 User Acquisition Strategies (according to Appia) and why you should..

Check out the Infographic Below


With users spending the majority (86%) of their "smart device" time in Apps compared to Browsers (14%),  it is no surprise that Facebook, Twitter, Airpush and the like are making such large strides to plant their flags in the ground for the impending growth of native advertising (which will certainly account for a larger percentage of ad revenues in the coming years).  

It has been known that interstitial ads have fewer accidental clicks as the creatives generally fill the majority of the screen. Native ads are also 25% more likely to be viewed than a banner.

My Opinion:

As the number of smartphone owners becomes more and more ubiquitous YOY (regardless of the OEM leader, Apple presently) we will continue to see fiercer and fiercer competition within the app ecosystems (iOS and Android). If there comes a time when iOS users feel that Android is finally a safe, secure, and quality environment to fulfill their 'app needs' then this will certainly become the major turning point for Apple.

When this happens, I don't expect Apple to throw in the towel by any means, but instead take a look at their over-all product roadmap(s) and what they can do to create some TRULY innovative products to win back the market share (in terms of popularity) they used to have so much more of back in the Steve Jobs days.  Needless to say, Apple has the highest standards of any company in existence so it is no easy feat, but possible nonetheless.

Interestingly, when it comes to the iOS App Store Facebook and Google own the majority (6/10) of the Top 10 most downloaded Apps. Upon Closer inspection, Facebook is the #1 publisher (with WhatsApp) holding 3 spots, and Google at #2 (with YouTube) and 2 spots. Together they own 5/5 of the top spots (currently).

On Google Play however, we have a different story..

3 of the top 5 spots belong to Facebook. So then perhaps the focus should not be on Google vs Apple, but Facebook vs both? Clearly they've proven to be successful (3x now w/ Instagram, Parse, and WhatsApp) at acquiring growth they can later use to expand their brand through.

One thing is for certain: the use of "search" will continue to grow both on web and mobile and when you combine Search + Word of Mouth (including FB,Instagram, or WhatsApp friends) you represent two of the most influential consumer reference sources for those 18-54. What does that have to do with anything?

Think about it ;).

 Leave your Comments/Thoughts below.



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