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Posted by on May 27, 2013 in Random, Funny, or Cool, Startups | 0 comments

Why Wait for Google Glass When EpiphanyEyewear is Here Now?

Why Wait for Google Glass When EpiphanyEyewear is Here Now?

Following a recent visit to a ‘wearable tech’ event I attended here in San Francisco.  I had a chance to meet some cool dudes who are working on some cool things.  I am of course referring to their Epiphany Eyewear product which is basically a pair of sun glasses that allows you to record video, decrease sun brightens with a button, and looks cool all at the same time.

If you’ve been holding out for Google Glass, and just CAN’T WAIT to have a pair of sunglasses that can record video (and other cool things) then maybe EpiphanyEyewear is what you’ve been looking for.  Starting at $299 (8gb) and up to $499 (32gb) you can order these bad boys off their website.


Here’s a look of how the device looks in action as I was having a conversation with Founder and CEO Erick Miller,


As described on their website:

Epiphany Eyewear is designed with a modern take on the classic thick-framed style. The updated design is both current and timeless. Capture interest and turn heads when you walk by wearing the most clean-lined, advanced pair of smart-glasses on the market. The power of technology finally meets the refinement of stylish design with Epiphany Eyewear.

These unique glasses are an original design by master designer David Meisenholder, whose portfolio includes work for celebrities such as Lady Gaga, for whom he designed the GL-20 video glasses. David and the Epiphany team have brought the same painstaking attention to detail to your video-sharing glasses, poring over every contour for the best possible fit, precision, and shape. Every inch of the clean, sleek aesthetic of Epiphany Eyewear’s design marries form with incredibly advanced function.

Operation is elegantly simple. Slide your right finger across the smooth soft-touch side until you feel the tactile Epiphany Eyewear button, and gently press against your temple to turn the computer on. To instantly activate the tinting of your “electric-powered” sunglasses, simply push the front-left-frame button. Capture your experience and the world around you in HD video — and do it in style.

Trends come and go, but good design lasts forever. Feel empowered wearing Epiphany Eyewear – you are sporting the world’s most advanced glasses, designed in an iconic classic style. Epiphany Eyewear is destined not only to outlast trends, but to redefine them.


What are your thoughts, will you be placing an order or waiting for something else?  COMMENT below, and let us know!



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