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Posted by on Jan 29, 2013 in Mobile | 0 comments

77% of UK have no interest in Blackberry 10

77% of UK have no interest in Blackberry 10

The New device hasn’t even been launched yet, but smartphone owners already claim to have no interest in moving towards Blackberry vs Samsung and iPhone.  Despite RIM being crowned UK’s number one smartphone OEM this time last year, with more than 8.5M BlackBerry users and a 27.7% market share the firm has been through tough times.  With the BlackBerry 10 launch event taking place tomorrow, Blackberry announced yesterday that  BlackBerry World app store will come loaded with films, music, and TV shows. found that  77% of British smartphone users wouldn’t consider switching to a BB10 device, while only 40% of existing BlackBerry users would stick with the brand.

To make matters worse..

  • 90% think the new operating system won’t have enough appeal to grab their attention
  • 43% said BlackBerry doesn’t make user-friendly phones
  • 31% said the device does not justify the cost
  • 26 % said BlackBerry was no longer a desirable brand.
  • 44% of BlackBerry users said they were planning to move over to an iPhone
  • 38% plan to buy a Samsung

To convey how powerful the two entities have become even, BlackBerry now associates with a younger demographic, the survey shows that 42% of 18-24 year olds have Android smartphones compared to 18% that have a BlackBerry.

Duncan Jennings, co-founder of said,

“Today’s consumers have so much more choice when it comes to buying smartphones, compared to when the first Blackberry launched back in 2003. Unfortunately for RIM, our research shows their customers are hanging up their BlackBerrys in favour of better value handsets and phones designed for social networking.”


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