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Posted by on Nov 30, 2012 in Apps, Mobile | 0 comments

An Insider’s Perspective of the App Industry in 2012

An Insider’s Perspective of the App Industry in 2012

An Insider’s Perspective of the App Industry in 2012

Stats from this report as well as insights are derived from the folks over at Mubaloo.


With consumers spending an average of 81 minutes per day using apps, and 48% of users using them more than ten times a day. The majority (53%) agree that smartphones are the easiest devices to access content from, vs 49% who say tablets are, and 37% in favor of desktops. The average user has 41 apps per device, compared to 32 in 2011. Android and iOS users have also more than doubled from 38m to 84m.


The majority of businesses are also making apps for employees, and 73% observed an increased efficiency as a key benefit of mobile computing.Interestingly, enterprise mobile app users are at 830m this year and 56% of employees claim to use personal devices for work (BYOD – Bring Your Own Device) because companies didn’t support alternatives.


Eli Newman head of UX and UI at Mubaloo had this to say about design,


“Before designing an app, businesses should consider what will make it stand out from the crowd and decide how they want it to look and work. You need to remember that you’re not the user and personal preferences shouldn’t get in the way.

You need to ask yourself why you’re making the app, and discover the demographics, occupation, likes and dislikes, and special requirements of the target audience.

Essentially, you want the app to provide a service, expand your sales offering, promote the business and extend your brand. There’s an app compass to use as a guide to determine where you want to be on the scale, whether it’s going to be Serious, a Tool, Fun, or Entertain.”


So, nothing we didn’t all already know..


That’s about it for this one.



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