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Posted by on Jan 30, 2013 in Apps, Marketing, Mobile, Startups | 0 comments

Applause aims to Make App Data Actionable

Applause aims to Make App Data Actionable

First things first..

There are mobile apps are everywhere, and from nearly every company. Apps have changed how users consume content, conduct commerce and connect with companies – anywhere, anytime.

Sure there is a small percentage of apps that hit it big – delighting users, spreading virally, earning word-of-mouth buzz. But..most apps either disappoint users or flatline into obscurity. Companies need to know how users truly feel about their mobile apps, and how they stack up with their competition. But skimming a bunch of 3-star ratings and a never-ending list of app store reviews makes it tough to learn much of anything. Because of this, gathering explicit analytics of mobile apps have become a massive issue for app developers, business leaders, and tech leaders.

Applause Logo

Enter Applause 

An app analytics product that crawls every rating and review from the top app stores. Applause synthesizes this mountain of user feedback into an easy-to-consume Applause Score  (similar to a Klout score) to measure user satisfaction, app quality and how much applause an app is earning from users.

This enables companies to make better decisions about how their apps stack up with the competition. From marketing execs of global brands to the lead mobile engineer at a startup.  Applause enables companies to monitor and measure how their mobile apps are performing in the eyes of users.

While other startups (Appboy and Apptrace)   have certainly tried to conquer this issue in the past, I applaud Applause (not pun intended) for trying to create an attractive looking dashboard similar to that of Klouts to measure all the key data to help developers,entrepreneurs, and marketers alike to take action with more data driven decisions.

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