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Posted by on Nov 30, 2012 in Mobile | 1 comment

RIM teams up with Appcelerator and attempts to tempt developers to come on board

RIM teams up with Appcelerator and attempts to tempt developers to come on board

RIM teams up with Appcelerator

..and attempts to tempt developers to come on board


Research in Motion (RIM) has announced it will be making a new Blackberry 10 prototypes available to developers.  This means that there will be 1,500 devices that developers can apply for and after the launch the developers can swap the device for a full-production version.


 Furthermore, Alec Saunders, VP Developer Relations & Ecosystems of RIM announced,


“We recently announced a partnership with Appcelerator that includes Titanium support for our upcoming BlackBerry 10 platform, as well as an opportunity for developers to receive BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha, andAppcelerator Cloud Services (ACS) for free. How do you take advantage of this offer? Simple. Build a BlackBerry 10 app.”


While admitting that developers aren’t really attracted or interested in developing for Blackberry he also made one  attractive point that was,


” at last count in September, we had 80 million customers downloading almost 180 million apps each month. We have a brand new platform launching that brings a first-to-market advantage that is unrivaled in this crowded app marketplace.”


Also when comparing Android to Blackberry Saunders said,


“BlackBerry developers make more than 40% more than Android developers per app per month, according to Vision Mobile’s Developer economics Study, 2012.”


Additionally, part of Saunders closing statement mentioned something along the lines of them being SO confident that developers will make money that..


” we have introduced a 10k commitment to developers. If you build an approved BlackBerry 10 application, you could qualify for a bump up on your app revenue to $10,000. Conditions do apply.


Last part sounds pretty cool to me.  Especially since some iOS developers are making around $1 per day, which is hardly anything.


A full Press Release can be found here.




1 Comment

  1. Good to read this news. IMO, this is really a great move by RIM….they get it now and who have counted them out will be eating their dust. Kudos to the new management team who understand where they have made mistakes in the past and are addressing those mistakes in a giant way.

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